Virtual Meetup with Hyperledger Avalon and Chainlink

Connected Smart Contracts: Global (Online)
Thu, Aug 6, 1:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Join us for a virtual meetup between Hyperledger Avalon and Chainlink. This meetup will feature a development presentation from Chainlink along with a presentation from a core maintainer of Hyperledger Avalon. Eugene Yarmosh, the lead architect of Hyperledger Avalon will be presenting about their technology and use of decentralized oracles.

Hyperledger Avalon is a ledger independent implementation of the Trusted Compute Specifications published by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. It aims to enable the secure movement of blockchain processing off the main chain to dedicated computing resources. Avalon is designed to help developers gain the benefits of computational trust and mitigate its drawbacks.

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Eugene Yarmosh

Eugene Yarmosh

Lead Architect - Hyperledger Avalon

Eugene is a co-editor of the EEA Off-chain Trusted Compute Specification and he is a lead architect and maintainer of the Hyperledger Avalon – a reference implementation of the Trusted Compute specification. He holds several patents.

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