NFTs, digital ownership and the rise of the interoperable Metaverse.

About this event

Recently, NFTs have exploded into mainstream media, and with big name celebrities co-signing collections such as BAYC, they're becoming hard to ignore. Contrary to common belief, NFTs are much more than just pixilated art pieces. NFTs cryptographically signify ownership of virtually anything on the blockchain, and in the coming years, NFT technology will continue to become more and more integrated into our daily lives.

The Metaverse is also an extremely hot subject as of late, and similarly to NFTs is often misunderstood. With the topic being big enough to have Facebook rebrand and move billions into funding the area, it's proving to be something that, again, will likely have a large impact on our lives going forward.

Join the Chainlink Advocates for our monthly London based meet-up. There will be an open discussion on NFTs, digital ownership, the rise of the interoperable Metaverse.


  • John Giles, the founder of He hosts a weekly in-person meetup in High Street Kensington where the focus is the Metaverse, DeFi and Web3.0.

Website Meetup

  • Nanda Khiara is a multi dimensional artist, who frequently expresses herself in large canvasses, which are imbued with her ingrained and intuitive understanding of change and evolution.

Nanda's 3D gallery Linktree

Complimentary food and drinks will be provided.


Friday, Feb 25
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (GMT)


Sutherland Labs
52 Short's Gardens LondonWC2H 9AN


  • Toby Hill

    Toby Hill

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Frank Nsenga

    Frank Nsenga

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Rosh Patel

    Rosh Patel

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Bilal Zahid

    Bilal Zahid

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Tyrese Tetteh

    Tyrese Tetteh

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • amaechi okolobi

    amaechi okolobi

    Chainlink Community Advocate