Developing the Future of Smart-Contracts

About this event

Join us at Generator London, Tavistock Place, London, on January 30th for an evening focused on smart contracts as envisionned by Chainlink, North East, CLC Group

While smart contracts are becoming an increasingly common topic in the world of technology, the ways in which developers can start to help them reach their full potential are becoming less ambiguous.

At this meetup, we'll host presentations from companies who are looking to help developers expedite the ways in which they can take advantage of this revolutionary technology, by connecting smart contracts to third party data in a trustless fashion.

At this meetup you will: - Learn about smart contracts - Learn about oracles and their capacity to vastly enhance the things smart contracts can do - Understand which companies are helping to expand the capabilities of smart contracts, and some of the applications of this game-changing technology

----- Agenda

  • 6.30pm: Doors open. Drinks will be available
  • 7.00pm: Start of session, opening introduction to Chainlink (Christian)
  • 7.25pm: Presentation by North East (Charles Holmes, North East)
  • 7.45pm: Presentation of Honeycomb (Dave Connor, CLC Group)
  • 8.00pm: End of presentations. Q&A. Networking

----- About the speakers

Charles Holmes, Managing Director of North East ( Charles is an avid technologist who started bitcoin mining in late 2014 and has spent nearly a decade operating cutting-edge businesses whilst educating clients on innovations and their use cases. Charles wears many hats, one of which is a Chainlink Community Advocate, and another is Managing Director of North East.

Dave Connor, VP of Business Development at CLC (, Dave has been involved with CLC Group since its inception, and co-authored the whitepaper for Honeycomb. In addition to research, Dave has taken a more active role in the business development and partnership side of Honeycomb, helping expand the API portfolio offered and explore beneficial relationships with other companies. Dave is particularly interested in the game theory behind the interactions between different parties involved in the Chainlink ecosystem, and how these will shape network development.

Chainlink is the leading blockchain middleware company for smart contracts to connect to real-world data. Chainlink is building decentralized oracle technology to create externally linked smart contracts used by leading enterprises, such as SWIFT and Google, and top smart contract teams including Web3 Foundation, Zeppelin, Hadera, Celer, OpenLaw, MARKET Protocol, Kaleido, and many others.


Thursday, Jan 30
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Generator London
37 Tavistock Place LondonWC1H 9SE


  • Toby Hill

    Toby Hill

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Frank Nsenga

    Frank Nsenga

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