Chainlink Community Advocates: Global Blockchain Community Q&A

About this event

Join us for a live Q&A with lead Developer Advocates and the Chainlink Community Team. We'll discuss what makes the Community Advocate program so special and how to get involved. If you're enthusiastic about hybrid smart contract technology and Chainlink, this is your opportunity to speak with the community leaders pushing the ecosystem forward.

Chainlink Community Advocates connect with our extensive network of engineers, industry leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs and play an active role in the community. Advocates have gone on to have rewarding careers in the blockchain industry, working on Chainlink specifically. If this sounds exciting to you, please tune in. We'll be ready to answer any questions you may have.


  • Toby Hill

    Toby Hill

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Frank Nsenga

    Frank Nsenga

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Rosh Patel

    Rosh Patel

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Bilal Zahid

    Bilal Zahid

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • Tyrese Tetteh

    Tyrese Tetteh

    Chainlink Community Advocate

  • amaechi okolobi

    amaechi okolobi

    Chainlink Community Advocate