Workshop: Basics of Smart Contracts and Introduction to Chainlink Data Feeds

Oct 30, 8:30 – 10:30 AM

Join Our Developer Workshop: Basics of Smart Contracts and Introduction to Chainlink Data Feeds 🌐 Are you eager to explore the exciting world of blockchain technology and smart contracts? Are you curious about how Chainlink Data Feeds are transforming the DeFi ecosystem? If so, mark your calendars because we've got an event you won't want to miss!

About this event

Join our FREE Developer Workshop on October 30, 2023, and dive into the captivating realm of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Chainlink Data Feeds. 

Note: This workshop is exclusively for students of "Thakur Shyamnarayan Degree College." It is an intra-college event, and participation is restricted to students of this institution.

Here's what you can expect:

πŸ”— Introduction to Chainlink: Our Chainlink Advocate, an expert in the field, will kick off the workshop with an enlightening introduction to Chainlink, a leading blockchain technology. Discover how Chainlink is reshaping the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing secure and tamper-proof data feeds.

πŸ’‘ Basics of Smart Contracts: Get hands-on experience as we guide you through deploying a smart contract on a blockchain. Uncover the fundamental building blocks of smart contracts and gain valuable insights into their applications across various industries.

🌐 Chainlink Data Feeds Deep Dive: Delve deep into the core of Chainlink Data Feeds and understand their pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of DeFi platforms. Explore real-world use cases and see firsthand how Chainlink is bridging the gap between blockchain and external data sources.

🎁 Chainlink Merch: Participate, learn, and deploy a smart contract during the workshop for a chance to win exclusive Chainlink merchandise. We've got exciting goodies up for grabs, so don't miss your opportunity to take home a piece of Chainlink swag!

πŸ’¬ Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and experts in the field. Exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and expand your professional network.

πŸ“ Registration: This workshop is completely FREE! To secure your spot, simply RSVP by clicking "Going" on the event page.


Basic Programming Experience: A foundational understanding of programming concepts is required.

JavaScript Basics (Good to Have, Not Mandatory): While not mandatory, some familiarity with JavaScript can be beneficial.

Knowledge of APIs: Understanding how APIs work will be a valuable asset during the workshop.

We welcome participants of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced developers. Our aim is to provide valuable insights and hands-on experience for a diverse audience. So, bring your enthusiasm, and we'll provide the knowledge and guidance to help you succeed in this exciting realm of blockchain and Chainlink technology.

Join us on October 30th, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (IST) to empower the future of DeFi. Whether you're new to programming or a seasoned pro, this workshop promises to provide valuable insights and hands-on experience. See you there!

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  • Ganesh Tiwari

    DevOps Engineer, Nethermind

    Chainlink Advocate

  • Jinit Jasani

    Founder, Glimpse Edutech

    Co-Founder, Kryptonox



Monday, October 30, 2023
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM UTC


  • Ganesh Tiwari

    DevOps Engineer, Nethermind | Chainlink Advocate

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