Workshop: Building Cross-Chain Dynamic NFT with Chainlink

Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 4:30 – 8:30 PM UTC

NFTs have significantly stirred up the web3 landscape. As more people get excited about this, we all start to wonder: what's the future for NFTs? This workshop will show you what's next: NFTs that can change with real-world events powered by oracles. You will be walking through the process of creating and deploying a dynamic NFT!

About this event

Keen to explore the evolution of the NFT space?

How about a chance to delve into the world of dynamic NFTs, those powered by oracles, and react to the real world?

Join us in this unique collaboration between Ultimate and Chainlink to bring you a workshop focused on the evolution of NFTs - Dynamic NFTs. These are the next-gen NFTs that interact with the real world through Chainlink.

Solange Gueiros, the Developer Advocate from Chainlink Labs, will guide you through the process of creativity, creation, and deployment of your very own Dynamic NFT.

💻 Ensure to bring your laptop fully charged for this engaging and interactive session.

What You'll Need:

• A Wallet - Metamask or similar

• Testnet ETH/Link - Chainlink Faucet

• Your Laptop


18:30 -- Registrations

19:00 -- Introduction & the workshop starts

21:00 -- Networking /drinks/snacks and more

22:30 -- Farewell

How to find us:

  • Address: Winsstraße 12, 10405 Berlin
  • We're in the back courtyard. The buzzer-equipped entrance is on the left. Please press the "Unstoppable Finance" button; our workshop section is all the way to the top.
  • Google Maps:

This workshop is more than just a learning experience. It's a chance to connect with other blockchain enthusiasts, Chainlink community members, and the Chainlink Labs team. Whether you're a blockchain developer or an enthusiast, this event is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and add an exciting new skill to your repertoire!

** By attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed and give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.**


  • Solange Gueiros

    Chainlink Labs

    Developer Advocate



Tuesday, July 25, 2023
4:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC

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