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We're an inclusive in person and virtual community for developers interested in building secure smart contracts, we are blockchain/platform agnostic and work with many of the leading smart contract development teams building on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin and many other blockchains/smart contract networks.

Upcoming events

Jun 8, 2023

In-Person Event

The Future of Finance: Exploring the Synergy between Traditional Finance & Web3

Join our meetup and immerse yourself in the evolution of finance, from insightful discussions to engaging debates, and experience the fusion of traditional finance and Web 3.0. We'll discuss the evolution of finance, the effects brought by DeFi, and the new role of traditional financial institutions in Web3. Together, we're shaping the future of finance!

Past events

In-Person Event

Pioneering Smart Contracts: Google x Chainlink Bootcamp (Part 1)

In-Person Event

Chainlink Bootcamp at Rangsit University : Day 2

In-Person Event

Chainlink Bootcamp at Rangsit University : Day 1

In-Person Event

Empower Your Days with Web3 Technology